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How to Get a Free VPS Server

Ever wanted to kickstart a project or do some testing without breaking the bank?

Well, today I’ll walk you through getting a free VPS server. Yep, free!

Let’s dive in!

Free VPS Server: Fact or Fiction?

For a moment, you might think it’s impossible – how could a VPS server be free? Surely, no company would offer that!

But the reality is, getting a free VPS server is possible. While it’s not truly free and does have a price, you can obtain it at no cost from genuine server providers.

Let me break it down.

You’ve probably come across ads from server providers on Google, offering credits to test their servers.

These credits allow you to start for free, with some providers offering them for up to two months – a significant period.

And that’s exactly what you’ll do! Many server providers are willing to give you credits to get started.

Need an example? When I studied for my LPIC-1 certificate, I didn’t have a Linux machine.

So, I signed up for a server provider, used the free credits to create a VPS server, and studied for the exam. After the credits expired, I simply moved on to another provider.

And yes, it’s entirely legitimate.

Getting a Free VPS Server

Now that you understand the idea behind getting a VPS server for free, let me share something with you.

If I provide you with my affiliate links from these providers, you’ll receive free credits to begin with. That’s exactly what I’m going to do today.

It’s worth noting that not all providers offer credits out-of-the-box. Sometimes you need an invitation to get them.

By using my links, you’ll help me earn a commission, and in return, I’ll help you obtain a VPS server for free.

But let me clarify, I didn’t create this blog just to earn money through referrals.

This method genuinely helped me obtain my LPIC-1 certificate when I couldn’t afford a Linux laptop or a VPS server.

I searched the internet for people sharing their invitation links, and it worked for me.

When you use my links, you not only support me but also enable me to continue creating guides and tutorials. The purpose of this website is to share my experiences and knowledge freely with others.

It’s worth noting that some providers won’t reward me for inviting you unless you spend real money on their services.

However, if you use my links, it strengthens my relationship with these providers.

Now, it is time to get your free VPS server:

Your support by using my links is greatly appreciated.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

I hope this blog helped you getting your first VPS server for free!

If you found value in this blog or have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Your input is greatly appreciated, and you can also contact me directly if you prefer.


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